In Nochpa Shoft

When I was looking for a title for our new programme, I asked "kasl" Mári Schmidla how they used to say when they had fun together, they used to play a little band. Oh, my daughter, we didn't play gangs, because we were always working - she added - but wait, "in nochpa shoft", we used to say, when we ran over to the neighbour's for a little "fun".

A bit of relaxed togetherness, chatting, reminiscing about old things, old events. While the adults talked and the kids played and listened to the adults talk with half an ear.

This is the kind of neighbourhood series we are now starting in Squirrel Town. The programme will always include a forgotten 'craft', granddad's kitchen and of course old-fashioned games, with the occasional surprise performance. Then at the end of the programme we eat what we've cooked up.

The programme is family-friendly, but not just for families.


Have you hammered, have you scythed?

Do you know what a drawknife is for?

Wood, straw, stubble, stubble, sticks...

Old techniques, craft skills.


Games for kids and adults with surprises


Recipes from the Swabian cuisine of Lókút and much more.