Új Huta

Lókút - Rossbrunn

Our programme is part of the
"Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Barn Programme"

Would you believe that the cover photo shows a section of the main street of Lókút Lane?
Yet in the valley between the green hills, a street of almost three kilometres of gardens ends in long gates. Just like the rich tradition of the Lókút. The history of the village, the traditions of the generations who grew up here, have long remained hidden in this small, quiet Swabian village at the top of the Bakony. With our new Huta programme, we aim to reinterpret our traditions and present them to our children and visitors in creative programmes dreamed up in the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Barn Programme.

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New Huta Lókút-Rossbrunn programme!


This is who we are


"Kum hie, sitz a pisl!"


We build a new cultural hut on our traditions



We think in teams


We would experience, show, try, share...


This one went hunting, this one shot it, this one took it home, ... this is what came out of it /nursery rhymes/


8425 Lókút, Bem József utca 25.