We build a new cultural hut on our traditions

A village, if it does not want to become a dormant settlement, must be aware of its heritage values, rediscover them, awaken the desire for them in new residents, and communicate the qualitative difference between a housing estate and a living village community through its objectives and the programmes that build on them.

Having thought about all this, we have come to the conclusion that the objective of the EDF is an opportunity to open up this small village and showcase all the natural, industrial and traditional values of this small village, which have not been given enough attention, while at the same time building up our community, triggering internal processes, external relations, healing wounds, bringing together generations, old and new residents.

2023 is the International Year of Glass. Glass production is inextricably linked to the history of our town, since the first German ancestors arrived when the glassworks in Óbánya were founded.

Új Huta


The choice of title may seem strange at first sight. But for us it has a deep meaning. The former Swabian ancestors arrived as workers at the glassworks founded in Óbánya near Lókút at the end of the 18th century.

The name New Huta is a fourfold symbol for us.

On the one hand it means respect for the ancestors,

on the one hand, and on the other hand, to build a community for the descendants of the ancestors who arrived in the 18th century and the new inhabitants of the 21st century through the educational, cultural and entertainment events that will be implemented in the programme,

and thirdly, as a cultural hut for the area,

It also has a historic healing role by deepening the partnership with the former displaced persons' settlement of Hebertshausen, which was home to the former inhabitants of Lókút.

Glass melted in a hut turns from a hard quartz crystal into a malleable, mouldable material to create a fine, translucent value.In the same way, from time to time, we will shape the sub-themes and programmes along the lines of our predefined plan, based on the experience we have accumulated over time. We will first assess the needs of local residents and then plan to gather new ideas and opinions, alongside satisfaction surveys, to ensure that the series of programmes is truly sustainable and meets its original purpose.