Take a break from the everyday!

Do you remember what it was like as a child to experience the experience of being out of time while playing? To be so absorbed in something that neither hunger nor the passage of time seemed to be on your mind? When you had to "drag yourself" to the table or get ready for bed at night because you wanted to continue playing "just a little longer".

One would need that experience again and again. It's something to draw strength from in the monotonous or stressful times of everyday life. Because sometimes it's good to become a child who is absorbed and wondering.


not just for kids


If you would watch, if you would play...


not just for adults

The hammer of the place As always, I regret not having taken a full recording. But when you're in it, you want to be up to your neck in it. And Gábor Boka brought us just such a performance. When he told me that we would need 6 women and 6 men for the play, I couldn't imagine how I would get so many "volunteers". Because the stakes are high, everyone will be watching them here, where there was only a drama club until the seventies. But then the "troupe" came together. During the rehearsals, something began to happen, something that might have been experienced in the plays of our childhood. And what is so wonderful about this play? That, under Gábor's fine guidance, people of almost completely different ages and circumstances went through it as if they were used to each other in a daily routine.

We thought many people would be curious to see it, but the fact that the tent was completely full surprised us too. And the audience laughed, gurgled, and if it weren't disrespectful, I'd say laughed themselves to tears. I think I am not alone in looking forward to the sequel.

2021.07.31. Seadance-Baby Theater

Carpet theatre with Judit Márkus and László Janik by Veres 1 Meseszínház for 0-3 year olds

What is baby theatre? It's not about the story, it's about sounds, colours, shapes and movements, all connected by water in this piece.The actors and actresses who run the puppet theatre asked parents to do one thing: not to talk to their little ones. Long after the performance, we were eating our pond, the reapers were resting, when suddenly Kende started singing, "Trouble with the drunken sailor, trouble with the drunken sailor..." (like this, endlessly) I said, "Do you know this? Where did you learn it? And he said, naturally, with a little bit of a lecturing edge in his voice: How did you know that? It was at the theatre, I learned it there.

2021.07.17.Guided tour theatre with Gábor Boka

Are you going to call me too? - we thought at the beginning of the performance. Then we were so absorbed in the play that we felt like little children again. And sure enough, Gábor addressed (or rather addressed) many of us.

And at the end we stayed around the campfire for a long time. And the atmosphere was as if we had "banded together" after a game. Whoever missed it, may be sorry - we thought at the end. Then we agreed that we would applaud this performance again.